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Burak Organic Raw Portuguese Honey (1kg)

Burak Organic Raw Portuguese Honey (1kg)

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Buraks organic, raw, multifloral honey has a creamy flavour which can vary from batch to batch due to the modification of the flowers, but is a particular mix of flora, giving it a recognizable flavour which is prized from year to year. Each flower possesses specific health benefits, thereby meaning when the bees visit different plants, the honey merges these together, increasing the advantages for the consumer. 

Burak, originates from the term ‘Barq’ in Arabic which translates to bright. Our honey shines in its own way with it being of 100% authentic produce, being obtained from the East of Portugal in Alentejo, by our local beekeepers. This distinct honey is a luscious orange colour, turning a creamy, buttery yellow when crystallised.

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