Collection: Free Range Chickens (HMC Certified)

What is a Free Range Chicken?

By giving chickens fresh air, sunlight and green pastures to graze on, you ensure not only the animal’s welfare but you also end up with great tasting tender chicken. Rather than being penned into a crowded enclosure, free range chickens are allowed to grow and develop in their natural environment. The high welfare standards are in tune with the teachings of the Quran, which instructs Muslims to eat Halal and Tayyab.

What do we feed our chicken?

The birds are hand fed cereal, containing wheat and barley, but as the birds are given space to graze outdoors they also forage on the lush green pastures of Yorkshire, fresh clovers, and any other natural food they can find in God’s Own Country.

Why feed them Coriander and mint?

We supplement our free range chicken’s diet with coriander and mint as we believe it provides them with additional nutrients resulting in a delicious succulent bird. These herbs have many qualities. Mint is an excellent appetiser while also helping cleanse the palate. It aids digestion and is used to treat many an allergy in people. Coriander is known to regulate blood pressure and improve skin and bone health. The herbs may not have the same impact on poultry but the end result of this dietary supplement is healthy plump free range chicken.

How are they different to the Organically Reared Chickens?

The free range chickens are reared in very similar standards to an organic chicken, however the organically reared birds a given an Organic diet which is certified by the organic association. The free range chickens are given a natural cereal based diet which is grinded at the local mill. 

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Available Fresh 31st July 2024